Almost Perfect PRO yoga Mats


Not everything in life comes out perfect but there’s always a plus side. Manduka Almost Perfect PRO mats are all unique, some too long, some too short, some not as pretty as others but still 100% PRO performance - with their one of a kind touch.

In a world that produces much more than it needs, here at Manduka we are trying to limit the environmental impact we have off the mat. We don’t destroy any of our products that we think have a life still to be lived. Head over to our site now to shop Our Almost Perfect products.

We don’t believe in destroying great products with small imperfections, which is why we are selling Manduka Almost Perfect PRO mats to you at a 40% discount. 

There’s a person out there for every mat, its just waiting for you to come pick it up. Come find your soul mat this week within the Manduka Almost Perfect range.

Join us and grab your Manduka Almost Perfect PRO mat of your choice at 40% discount, for one week only.

Weeks like this don’t come around often here at Manduka, so we are offering you 40% off the normal price to purchase Manduka Almost Perfect PRO mats.

While the traditional Lifetime Guarantee doesn’t apply to “Almost Perfect” PROs, we know they will last (and you will love) for many, many years to come.

About Manduka Almost Perfect - B-grade product

We spend hours inspecting product in our facility in Germany so you get our very best. Occasionally we come across some mats wilder than others. That are in need of some extra love. These meet all our performance standards but might be too long, too short or just not as pretty with an imperfect surface or colour variation.

Meet our Manduka Almost Perfect Pro Mats.