Studio Spotlight: Yoga Room

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Studio Spotlight: Yoga Room

Photo Credit: YogaRoom

Inspired by the guiding principle of "Many practices. One intention", Yoga Room is committed to supporting a community of individuals on their journey of wellness and self-discovery, helping them challenge their minds, bodies and spirits as they strive to be their best selves on and off the mat.

Every time you enter a Yoga Room studio you’ll find yourself transported in the same space and atmosphere, refined and dedicated to your practice.

With 4 studios in Brussels, Belgium and 1 in Lyon, France, Yoga Room has rapidly become a reference in each city it calls home. Offering a large variety of classes from 7am till 10pm everyday, Yoga Room has the ambition to open more places around Europe to grow local communities and share the love of yoga.

What’s your approach to teaching yoga?

We bring a modern approach to yoga while honouring this ancient practice in all the classes that we teach. We truly believe that yoga can change everyone's life, especially in our modern society where everyone is put under a lot of pressure and lacks the space to prioritise themselves and time.

Our DNA is built on dynamic, physically challenging classes, although for us this is only an entry point. Our aim is to show our community the path of discovery, and to see for themselves all that yoga has to offer far beyond the physical form.

We offer all styles of yoga that we split into 5 categories - Foundation, Dynamic, Hot Yoga, Healing and Specialised that range from Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Yin, Meditation, Yoga Wall, Aerial Yoga & many more, for all levels from beginners to advanced with a high flexibility in the schedule.

You step out beyond the Shala to coach, mentor and guide yogis, tell us more about what you do here and why.

We believe that yoga can impact so many people in so many amazing ways. Everyone can do yoga, everyone can benefit from being in the present moment and taking some time and space to recenter and reconnect. We constantly develop new classes and experiences for children, teens and adults, organise workshops and run education programs for our students to explore new practices and deepen their knowledge of yoga. Alongside our 200H Yoga Teacher Trainings, we offer a 90-day mentorship program to help newly qualified yoga teachers acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge to build confidence and experience in their teaching.

Many of our members discovered yoga at Yoga Room and we believe it is our mission to guide them to go deeper into their yoga journey.

Photo Credit: YogaRoom

Photo Credit: YogaRoom

What are the key elements of your studios, that you feel enhance the practice of your students?

Space, Natural context and a place to call home. Our studios combine natural light with natural materials to help ground our community in a space that is bringing them back to nature while still inside their urban environment.

Everything is made for our yogis to feel at home from the moment they open the door to the studio. To make a clear transition from the time and space to the rest of their day. To flow freely as soon as they step in.

Entering the studio, you will be welcomed by our staff at the reception then guided to our changing rooms. On exiting the changing rooms through a different door that leads directly to the practice rooms & our cozy lounge area where you can curl up on the couch to ground before or after your class. Each area in the studio is spacious and airy to ensure everyone has the room they need to immerse themselves into their practice.

We are also blessed with a group of amazing teachers that are dedicated to their students and helping them to progress in their practice. Our teachers come from all around the world, each of them bringing a unique energy and flow to the studio.

Photo Credit: YogaRoom

Photo Credit: YogaRoom

There is a clear aesthetic direction to all of your studios. How do you brief your team when selecting and designing a new space?

In all of our studios, you will find the same atmosphere and materials: clean lines, large windows, white walls, wood, and concrete with lots of natural light. This simple and refined interior design is a real Yoga Room signature. When choosing a new location, we always look for:

  1. A spacious location of at least 600m2 to have enough space for at least 3 practice rooms, large changing rooms, and a cozy lounge.

  2. Large windows to have as much natural light as possible in the studio.

  3. A central location which is easily accessible on foot or public transportation, close to working & residential areas so that people can really integrate their yoga classes into their daily life.


Yoga Room studios is outfitted with Manduka PRO mats. If your studio is in need of a little merch refresh, check out our studio gear at

Sharing good vibes + the best mats, apparel and yoga gear since 1997.

Sharing good vibes + the best mats, apparel and yoga gear since 1997. #inspirethepractice

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