Long and Large Yoga Mats

Looking for wide or long yoga mats? Manduka has got you covered. With either extra long yoga mats for tall people, or simply wide mats to give more space, we are sure you can find your match in our selection of large XL yoga mats. From 200 cm yoga mats to 215 cm long and from standard to 198 cm wide, choose the size range, color & material that is best for you.

Long Yoga Mats

For taller yogis (generally above 180cm) or those just desiring more space for their practice, a long yoga mat of 200cm or longer may be the right choice for you.

Accessories for Long Mats

Looking for extra grip when you are warm or sweaty? We recommend pairing closed-cell mats with a performance towel to absorb moisture and provide extra grip during your practice. And don't forget a carrier for your mat, or a block to support you.

What size yoga mat do I need?

There are many reasons you might want to add some space to your yoga practice.

For taller yogis over 180cm, or those just desiring more space for their practice, a long yoga mat may be the right choice for you. As you move from standing, to seated, to reclined poses, a long yoga mat gives you more room to move around without hanging off of either end of the mat.

In general, a long or wide yoga mat serves those participating in more active or diverse practices, like practitioners who use their mats for other fitness activities or for those partaking in more restorative practices that necessitate many reclined poses. In addition, a long yoga mat serves those who are tall and often find themselves off the mat during reclined poses. Those practicing outdoors may also find benefit in a large yoga mat or long yoga mat, so as to better keep themselves off the ground during all poses.