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Roll it Forward - Manduka Europe Giving Program

- Making the healing power of yoga accessible to all - 

Here at Manduka Europe we believe that yoga should be for all and can benefit everyone in our communities. This is why we have partnered with some amazing community leaders and non-profit organisations that built social projects around Europe and Africa giving the gift of yoga to all. Their mission is to use yoga as a tool to change lives of marginalised and vulnerable groups.

We do our best to help their incredible work by donating high quality and durable yoga equipment for their community yoga classes, their students and volunteers teachers and for special occasions to raise funds so they can focus on the yoga and the causes.

If you are an organisation that is in need of our support and are lifting your community through yoga please get in contact with us so we can see how we can help - [email protected]

Find below amazing organisations that we collaborate with and meet the inspiring yogis giving the gift of yoga to people that need it the most. They are always looking for qualified yoga teachers to volunteer in community yoga classes, so please feel free to connect with them directly to offer you time.



Yoga Sin Fronteras is a non-profit organisation that brings yoga to vulnerable groups at risk of social exclusion. By providing regular classes to children, women, elderly, disabled, refugees they support their physical and mental health. Collaborating weekly with centres and organisations who work with people at risk in Spain and worldwide.

"Our goal is to make yoga accessIble to the most vulnerable. We bring yoga classes into care homes, children's shelters, women's centres, orphanages and refugee camps." MERIXTELL MARTORELL, FOUNDER OF YOGA SIN FRONTERAS



Citizen2be is a non-profit organisation to help traumatised women. In trauma-informed yoga classes, traumatised women are supported by qualified and certified Citizen2be yoga teachers to heal from their trauma. The yoga classes are free of charge available in 4 cities in Germany and online during the pandemic.

"We help traumatised women with the power of yoga to process trauma. All women who suffer from post-traumatic secondary disorders such as panic attacks, sleep disorders, anxiety, due to war, persecution, domestic violence or similar reasons." BETTINA SCHULER, FOUNDER OF CITIZEN2BE



Project Yogi is a not-for-profit organisation that supports vulnerable, underprivileged and under-represented youths in London. They deliver yoga, mindfulness and social emotional well-being based programmes, classes and workshops.

"Our intention is to spread good health and well-being to those that need it the most. Through yoga, mindfulness and social emotional learning, we help young people live better, learn better and make better choices." AMANI EKE, FOUNDER OF PROJECT YOGI



Fierce Calm is a non-profit community of yoga practitioners that provides free yoga classes, directly or in partnership with non-profit organisations, in shelters and community spaces, for marginalised and vulnerable groups. They also offer YTT scholarships for BIPOC/BAME students in training delivered by BIPOC/BAME teachers.

Fierce Calm also lead the delivery of the OURMALA charity studio, community and online beneficiary yoga programme. OURMALA provides yoga for people seeking international protection in the UK, such as refugees and survivors of torture, trafficking and modern day slavery. Together we offer safe and welcoming spaces to breathe and heal through yoga,

"Social justice is at the heart of our yoga and we strive to remove all barriers to access so that all may lead happy, empowered and dignified lives. We make the healing power of yoga accessible to all." LEE WATSON, FOUNDER OF FIERCE CALM



Yoga and Sport for Refugees is a non-profit organisation working in Greece offering safe spaces for refugees to teach and practice yoga, meditation and other activities. They also have a free training program to empower refugees to become yoga teachers and in return share the love of yoga with others."

Practicing yoga helps me to forget the painful memories of the past and find the hope for the future in these difficult circumstances. Yoga and Sport for Refugees helped me to become a certified yoga teacher. I hope that in the future I can teach all over the world." YADULLAH MOUSAWI, YOGA TEACHER AT YOGA AND SPORT FOR REFUGEES.



AdniJóga is a Budapest-based social enterprise with the aim to provide sustainable access to the physical and mental benefits of yoga and mindfulness to everyone who would otherwise not be able to experience calmness through movement and breath. Through its local non-profit partners, AdniJóga works with a wide range of target groups: children living in foster homes or in low-income families, refugees, migrants, domestic abuse survivors, young people with autism, and parents raising children with disabilities. 

"In Hungary, 2 million people are estimated to struggle with mental health issues, and only 100,000 have access to any kind of state-funded therapy. The AdniJóga Foundation aims to compensate for this gap in care by providing trauma-conscious yoga sessions to vulnerable groups. Yoga and mindfulness offer several proven benefits to these participants from improved physical wellbeing to increased resilience and better emotional awareness. ANNA KALMAR, FOUNDER OF THE ADNIJOGA FOUNDATION.



The Earthchild Project is a non-profit organisation operating in the Western Cape, South Africa. They offer complimentary education to under-resourced schools in Cape Town townships with a focus on the environment, health and self-development. Their approach to education is holistic, through yoga, meditation, organic gardening and environmental education.

"Earthchild Project aims to inspire a new generation of confident, conscious and responsible young leaders. We teach children to connect to themselves and each other through yoga and life-skills" JANNA KRETZMAR, FOUNDER OF EARTH CHILD PROJECT

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