Yoga Blocks

The building blocks of a better practice. Shop yoga blocks, including high quality recycled foam yoga blocks and cork yoga blocks. Shop our variety of colours and sizes.

Manduka Yoga Blocks

What are yoga blocks used for?

Yoga blocks are a great tool to support you in your practice, bring the ground a little closer to you when you need some support, and offer an extra challenge when you're looking for it. If you're looking for 1 prop to support your practice, a blocks are the way to go (and it's best to have 2 of them).

Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Blocks are lightweight but incredibly dense, so they can support you without fail. The Foam blocks are available in the traditional size, as well as a smaller Mini size that is unique to Manduka. The unBLOK features 2 curved sides for a more ergonomical experience.

Manduka Cork Blocks are also very dense, but are considerably heavier than our foam blocks. The weight of the cork block allows some people to feel more secure and supported. Cork Blocks are available in the traditional size, as well as a smaller, Lean size.