Foundation Series Yoga Mats

New to yoga? Start your yoga practice off on solid ground with our range of lightweight, beginner friendly yoga mats. The Begin Yoga Mat is a lightweight, reversible mat ideal for those just starting their yoga practice, and the Manduka X Yoga Mat is the ideal cross training mat for athletes.

Manduka's Foundation Yoga Mat Collection

Just starting yoga and looking for a mat to support you in your practice without the higher price point of other mats? The Foundation Series yoga mats could be a great fit for you!

The Begin Yoga Mat is lightweight with a soft support, and is reversible. It features an alignment stripe to help you stay centered and cemetrical on your mat.

The Manduka X Yoga Mat is a lightweight and durable mat that is made for yoga and beyond. Use it for your HIIT classes, to stretch after your gym session, or to take to the beach or park with you. The double scrim inside ensures it won't stretch, and the textured surface is designed to withstand friction, even from your shoes.