Meditation Essentials

Creating a comfortable and beautiful environment for your home yoga and meditation practice allows you to have a peaceful space to call your own. Meditation cushions, yoga bolsters, blankets and more make your home meditation space accessible for any type of meditation or yoga practice.

Bolsters & Cushions

Bolsters & meditation cushions to prop you up and give you grounding in your meditation. Our Meditation Cushions are unique in that they feature a dual-sided inner pillow so that you can choose your level of support.

Yoga Blankets

Foldable and rollable blankets to support you in your pose, and study and warm to cover you in meditation or savasana.

Blocks & Straps

Yoga props that allow you to get further into your stretch or more comfortable in your seat. Prop yourself up with yoga blocks, or reach a bit further with yoga straps.

Manduka Yoga Meditation Essentials

Everything you need to build your home meditation or home yoga room. Manduka offers XL mats to give you extra space, meditation cushions for a comfortable seat, bolsters for cozy savasana, and more. We have everythign you might need to make your space cozy and inviting, so that you can invite some meditation into your life.

Our meditation cushions feature a dual-sided inner pillow, one side cotton and one side buckwheat, for a customizable experience. Our bolsters come in rectangular, round, and lean, so you can choose your level of support. And we offer many variations of blocks so you can choose the blocks that best suit you.

The best way to get started in meditation? Take a seat, get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe.