Shipping Information
Manduka Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia

Free EU mainland shipping over €125 - No free return shipping

How long does it take to ship my order?

  • Orders received up to 14:00 hrs CET, on a business day, will mostly be shipped on the same day. Orders received after 14:00 hrs CET will be shipped the following business day.
  • Our warehouse in Belgium processes orders from Monday till Friday. Orders are not shipped on Saturdays, Sundays nor on Belgian public holidays.
  • Orders with address irregularities, requiring special shipping or customs documents may need a day extra to be processed before shipping.

Cancellations or changes:
Due to an automatic ordering system, order amendments or cancellations are not possible after placing your order online.

Estimated transit time in business days:

Country Shipping Carrier Estimated Time
Germany DPD 1-2 days
France UPS 2-3 days
Italy DPD 2-3 days
Spain DPD/SEUR 3-5 days
Netherlands DPD 1 day
Belgium DPD 1 day
United Kingdom DPD 3-8 days More info
Rest of Countries DPD/DHL/UPS Please check here


Shipping costs:
Free EU mainland shipping for orders above €125.
The shipping cost for orders below €125 is €4.99 within EU mainland.

€4.99 and free shipping over €125 does NOT apply to island or non-EU destination, e.g., Croatian, and Greek island destinations, Cyprus, Malta the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Channel Islands, and any territory outside EU customs zone. Please choose the applicable shipping rate offered to your destination at check-out.

*Orders with Studio Discount do not qualify for free shipping. A shipping rate will be calculated at check-out when this discount is applied to a purchase.

*PRO Squared: Due to the size, this product is excluded from the free shipping offer. Shipping cost will be added at check-out. Within the EU €29.95, for export countries the rate will be calculated based on the shipping destination. The cost of shipping is not refundable if the product is returned. We cannot assist with a subsidized return label for this product.

*Gift Cards cannot be added to the purchase for the purpose of reaching the free shipping threshold. Since the Gift Card is offered as an e-card, it will not be shipped and is therefore excluded from the free shipping offer.


International and island shipping:

For shipping to island or non-EU export destinations please choose the suitable shipping option during check-out. If an incorrect shipping option is chosen, your order will remain on hold and may cause a delay in shipment. If the incorrect shipping option has been chosen, we will contact you before sending the order as we may need to request additional shipping charges for delivery by our parcel service providers


Important - If you order from outside the EU customs zone:

We ship international packages DDU (duties and taxes unpaid), meaning that these fees are not included in the price of the goods you purchase from our website. Local tax and import handling fees will be charged to you by the courier service when ordering to a country outside of the EU customs zone. Manduka is not responsible for these charges. These fees are paid to your local carrier or government and are not collected by Manduka, and thus cannot be refunded. Please contact your local tax authorities for questions regarding import taxes. These charges are not refundable when returning items. Customs processing may take extra time to have your order delivered. We do not offer duty free shopping so you will be unable to reclaim any VAT from your purchase.

Please keep in mind that Manduka does not cover the cost of return shipping.


No Tax-free purchases or VAT refunds

Please note that Manduka does not offer tax-free purchases or VAT refunds. The retail prices on Manduka EU will remain the same independent of the VAT percentage of the destination country. This includes export countries, such as Norway, Switzerland, and other non-EU destinations.

For more information regarding Taxation and Customs in the EU, click here.


UK deliveries:

For the fastest delivery to the UK and to shop locally, check out our Manduka UK store or find trusted UK-based partners on our store locator.

If you choose to order directly from Manduka EU, we do offer shipping to consumers in the UK via DPD. Please be aware that transit time can largely vary depending on local circumstances.
The average transit delivery is 5 business days. For a timely delivery, please visit our local partners. There is an additional charge for shipping to UK islands.

As the UK is no longer a part of the EU, we are unable to assist with providing return labels, for more information about returns from export countries visit our Returns & Refunds page. Import fees and duties are covered by the shipping fee for orders shipping to the UK.


Estimated transit time in business days:

Please note that the transit time is an estimation, local variations may occur. Unfortunately, we are unable to speed up the transit time. Transit time does not include any potential customs hold when ordering to non-EU destinations.


Country Shipping Carrier ETA
Andorra DHL/UPS 2-3 days
Austria UPS/DPD 2-3 days
Belgium DPD 1 day
Bulgaria DPD 3-5 days
Croatia DPD/DHL 3-4 days
Cyprus DHL/UPS 2-3 days
Czech Republic DPD 2-3 days
Denmark DPD 2-3 days
Estonia DPD 3-5 days
Faroe Islands DHL/UPS 3-10 days
Finland DPD 3-4 days
France DPD 2-3 days
Germany DPD 1-2 days
Gibraltar DHL/UPS 2-3 days
Greece DPD/DHL 3-5 days
Hungary DPD 3-4 days
Iceland DPD 3-5 days
Ireland DPD 3-4 days
Italy DPD 2-3 days
Malta DHL/UPS 2-3 days
Netherlands DPD 1 day
Norway DPD/UPS 3-4 days
Latvia DPD 3-4 days
Lithuania DPD 3-4 days
Luxemburg DPD 1 day
Poland DPD 3-4 days
Portugal DPD 3-4 days
Romania DPD 3-5 days
Serbia DHL/UPS 3-10 days
Slovakia DPD 3-4 days
Slovenia DPD 3-4 days
Spain DPD 3-5 days
Sweden DPD 3-4 days
Switzerland DPD 3-5 days
Turkey DHL/UPS 3-10 days
United Kingdom DPD 3-8 days
Vatican City DHL/UPS 2-3 days



Country Shipping Carrier ETA
Algeria DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Cape Verde DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Egypt DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Ghana DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Mayotte DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Morocco DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
South Africa DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Tunisia DHL/UPS 3-10 Days



Country Shipping Carrier ETA
Armenia DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Australia DHL/UPS 3-6 Days
Azerbaijan DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Fiji DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Georgia DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
India DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Indonesia DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Kazakhstan DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Kuwait DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Maldives DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
New Zealand DHL/UPS 3-6 Days
Philippines DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Taiwan DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Thailand DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Uzbekistan DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Vietnam DHL/UPS 3-10 Days


Middle East

Country Shipping Carrier ETA
Bahrain DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Jordan DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Lebanon DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Oman DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Qatar DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Saudi Arabia DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
United Arab Emirates DHL/UPS 3-10 Days


Island Destinations

Country Shipping Carrier ETA
Caribbean Netherland DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
French Guiana DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Guadeloupe DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Martinique DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
New Caledonia DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
Réunion DHL/UPS 3-10 Days
St. Barthelemy DHL/UPS 3-10 Days


If you are in a country that is not listed, please check out our store locator to find a local retail partner or reach out to us for potential shipping options.


Official Manduka Distributors:

Customers are invited to purchase through the below distributors for ease in the shopping & shipping experience. Please note that countries below marked with an asterisk cannot purchase directly with or Instead, orders for those countries may be placed only through the exclusive distributor listed.



For more partners see our Store Locator.


If you have any questions, please contact us here or call us at +31 638 286 010. Manduka is open Monday-Friday, 10:00am – 5:00pm CET.