Benefit and Reward Programs
For all Yoga Professionals


Benefit and Reward programs for all yoga professionals

Here at Manduka Europe we want to thank and show our gratitude to you all, for your work as yoga professionals. To ensure that you know, Manduka Europe is here to partner with you and to enable you to deliver the best experiences and teachings to our community. We have put together a number of different benefit and reward programs that are designed to empower, encourage and support you through your roles and careers as yoga professionals:


Teacher and Studio Reward Program

Our Reward Program is designed to recognise all teachers and studios that recommend Manduka to their students or supportive community on a daily basis. Offering you the opportunity to create a new line of income from your personal and professional recommendations.

Through this give back initiative, we’ll provide you directly 15% commission of your student’s or communities purchases on Plus your student will receive an exclusive 10% at checkout.

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