Almost Perfect PRO yoga Mats

Not everything in life comes out perfect but there’s always a plus side.

Manduka Almost Perfect PRO Series mats are all unique but still 100% PRO performance - with their one of a kind touch.

The Almost Perfect mats have slight cosmetic imperfections, but have a lot of life left to live, so we offer them at a discounted price. They may differ slightly in appearance and dimensions from our manufacturing specifications. Differences may include length, thickness, color or may have surface imperfections, but still 100% PRO performance.

All the mats have been quality tested and have the same performance as the standard PRO-mats. While the Lifetime Guarantee doesn't apply to "Almost Perfect" PRO mats, we know they will last (and you will love them) for many years to come!

  • #1 Recommended #1 Recommended
  • Multi-Purpose Closed cell
  • High Performance High Performance
  • Cushioned Cushioned
  • Light Weight Light Weight

We don’t destroy any product if we think they have a life to be lived.

100% PRO™ performance


Save up to 30%

We are limiting our environmental impact. Shop Almost Perfect products, and save a mat from a landfill.