Manduka Yoga Mats

Arguably the world’s best yoga mats.

Whether it's more cushion for your joints, more grip or travel friendly, Manduka has the right yoga mat to fit your needs. Our PRO Series is made for cushion, stability & durability; our eKO Series is eco friendly made from natural rubber; the GRP Series provides grip in any situation; Foundation Series for those new to yoga; Shala Yoga Rug is hand woven, machine washable, and designed for outdoor use.

PRO Series Yoga Mats

The Manduka PRO is the original Manduka yoga mat. Premium materials, supportive cushioning, highly durable. The Manduka PRO® Series yoga mats are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

eKO Series Yoga Mats

Manduka eKO Series Yoga Mats: naturally grippy and made of all natural non Amazon harvested tree rubber.

GRP Series Yoga Mats

The GRP Series yoga mats are Manduka’s grippiest yoga mats and are ideal for sweaty or dry environments.

Shala Yoga Rug

The Manduka Shala Yoga Rug is your perfect travel companion. This hand woven yoga rug is meant to be used outside, in the grass, in the sand, or anywhere your flow takes you. Fold it, use it, throw it in the washing machine. 

Foundation Series

Start your practice off on solid ground with the Begin Yoga Mat. Want to do more than just yoga? The Manduka X is the mat of choice for cross-training.

Not quite sure which mat is best for you?

Yoga Mats

Get ready to say "Namaste" on the yoga mat of your dreams. From downward-facing dog to warrior pose, Vinyasa yoga to Hot yoga, and beginners to experienced practitioners, we have designed yoga mats to fit your preferences and practices. When you are doing your sun salutation at home or in a group class, we want to make sure that you feel comfortable and secure with every move and confident with every pose. Ranging from our most dense yoga mat, the Manduka PRO yoga mat to our lighter weight yoga mat like the PROlite mat or the eKO Superlite travel yoga mat we've got expertly crafted yoga mats that fit every lifestyle. Whether you are focused on finding a mat that has more length to give you more space to practice, you want a mat with extra cushion, extra grip during a sweaty class, or you are looking for an eco friendly yoga mat that does good for the earth while you do good for your body, you'll find the perfect mat companion for you.