Experience the soulful harmony of surf and yoga with our exclusive collection, celebrating Gerry's unparalleled passion for both disciplines. Dive into a world where outdoor enthusiasts and yogis unite, embracing yoga's transformative power for a more joyful practice amidst the serenity of nature.

Behind the Collection

We all search to find the harmony within chaos, and in that, Gerry Lopez is our guide. The legendary surfer with a daily yoga practice since his 20's, Gerry has ridden some of the world's most dangerous waves with a sense of calm and balance.

Manduka is pleased to present the Gerry Lopez Collection of mats and towels, featuring his singature prints and tranquil sensibility. The collection ranges from the premium, durable PRO and PROlite yoga mats, to the lightweight, go-anywhere portable eKO SuperLite travel mats, and the quick-dry, no-slip yogitoes towels.

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