Studio Spotlight: Nourish Yoga

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Studio Spotlight: Nourish Yoga

Join us as we unfold the inspiring journey of Pete and Erin, the passionate founders behind Nourish Yoga's creation. ⁠

Introducing Taunton’s newest yoga studio, Nourish Yoga, nestled within the historic confines of former swimming baths in the United Kingdom. Nourish Yoga allows you to embark on a holistic wellness journey, offering services such as nutrition planning and indulgent massages, alongside a diverse array of yoga styles led by dedicated instructors. From dynamic power Vinyasa flows and invigorating Ashtanga-inspired sequences to the meditative Yin Yang and soothing Restorative practices, there's something for every practitioner.

How did you find yoga and what was your path from student to teacher and finally into a studio owner?

Pete: Owner - the brains behind the business and the driving force for our marketing and business development. I am a former Royal Marine Physical Training Instructor and competitive athlete, previously representing Team GB in Bobsleigh and Rugby League. I have over 25 years’ experience as an elite personal trainer and have trained everyone from A-list celebs to royalty. Since leaving the military, I continued to train military personnel as Head of Physical Training at the Brittania Royal Naval College. I owned a pioneering CrossFit facility for over 10 years, popularising the functional fitness training methodology in my local community, whilst also competing internationally as a CrossFit athlete. I am a qualified sports massage therapist and nutritionist, as well as holding additional certifications in body composition and metabolic testing. In recognition of my dedication to fitness, I have been cover-model for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness magazines. I am driven by a desire to help others, believing that the best form of natural medicine is exercise combined with a well-balanced diet. I live and breathe the commando ethos of ‘cheerfulness in adversity’ and maintain that ‘positive outlook equals positive results.’

Erin - Director of Yoga and Fitness - yoga teacher, fitness instructor, PT and in charge of day-to-day running of the business. I am a certified fitness trainer and yoga instructor. I have a lifelong background in sport and have been involved in the fitness industry for 10 years, competing in both individual and team fitness events and more lately on the bodybuilding stage. I turned to yoga initially to physically complement my training with improved flexibility and mobility but I found the relaxation element of yoga equally beneficial, providing mental quietude and the ability to feel acceptance and appreciation on a meaningful level. I am a dedicated mother to three active boys and spend as many hours on the football pitch sideline as I do in the gym! Yoga has definitely helped me manage these demands. For me, yoga has the power to cultivate mental strength and resilience that then transfers into your every day life, helping you to overcome challenges on a day-to-day basis. I wanted to help others realise what it means to be ‘well’; to nurture and nourish your mind, body and soul through movement and meditation.

You have recently opened your studio, can you tell us about the founding journey of Nourish Yoga?

Pete was fortunate enough to live and work in the USA for a couple of years - and whilst he was there, I (Erin) had the opportunity to visit him. During this time we visited a number of absolutely stunning studios in NYC and Washington D.C. At home meanwhile, there was a distinct absence of studios in our local area - in fact, we were having to drive for miles and miles in order to find a dedicated space. Often, the only yoga on offer was conducted in cold, uninspiring village halls or glaring and unsightly gyms. I became thoroughly fed up with not having a pleasant space in which to practice and longed for the warmth, serenity and immersion I had experienced in the States. We were convinced that more people would come to appreciate the benefits of yoga and movement, if they had a lovely place in which to do it! It was this combination of demand and desire that ignited the idea of opening our own studio. Pete wanted to invest in a business and I, having worked in the legal industry, wanted to change my path and dedicate my professional life to something that I felt passionate about. So, together, we embarked on this amazing (and at times, scary) adventure. 

Your studio is stunning, what did you have in mind and how has the designing of the place been?

Pete had a clear idea of what he wanted from the start and took the lead on the design and construction. He remained true to his original ideas and stayed consistent with his intention to create a high-end facility, bringing a taste of the city to our little old Somerset town. The finishing touch in our studio was an eye-catching piece of wall art created by the young talented Cornish artist Joe Greenaway (@joegreenawayart). Our design features women in overlapping yoga postures with the chakras in Sanskrit text around the piece. It encapsulates femininity and the essence of our motto 'Let Yourself Flow'.

What’s your favorite space in your studio?

The studio itself is so inviting - warm, quiet, cosy, private but at the same time, contemporary. Our reception area is always a lovely place to be with students and clients coming and going, chatting and drinking tea. I always feel a great sense of accomplishment and reward when I see students exiting the studio satisfied, glowing, fulfilled and relaxed……and sometimes very sweaty!

What are your must-have pieces from Manduka personally and for the studio?

My yogitoes® mat towel. I love the vibrant design. It’s super absorbent, grippy and light weight.

What sets your studio apart from other yoga studios in the area?

We are the only purpose-built yoga studio in our area! We offer a dedicated space, specifically designed for yoga. So in that sense, we are certainly leading the way. However, aside from our beautiful studio, what sets us apart from other yoga providers in our area is the diversity of classes that we offer. We made a point of seeking out the best teachers, not only in terms of ability, but also personality. Each teacher applies their own preferred style to their classes - no set sequences, no musts or must-nots. We wanted our students to be able to experience as many forms of yoga as possible - from strong power flows set to deep tribal beats to therapeutic yoga practice accompanied by chanting of mantras, to sweat-dripping yoga HIIT fusion, comforting dark restorative sessions and gentle invigorating vinyasas. We didn’t want to be a factory line of similar classes; we wanted the teachers to express their personalities through their teaching. On top of that, our space is flexible. Almost a perfect square, the classes can be set up in a number of ways to best suit the class - semi-circles, straight lines, facing an obscured window, facing the mirrors - it brings variety to the practice. Our studio is painted in deep midnight colours with LED mood lighting - so again, the feel of the space can be changed to suit -  from completely blacked out to energetic bright blue light or sleep-inducing deep red tones. Our intention was for all of these features to contribute to an immersive yoga experience for our students.   

What do you want all of your students to take away from an experience at your studio?

A good night's sleep! A clear and calm mind, and perhaps a feeling of achievement. We want them to feel that the time they have taken out of their busy lives for self-care, has been worthwhile. We want to foster a sense of gratitude for the amazing things our bodies can do, especially if we can learn to connect breath to body and master mindful movement.

What’s your approach/philosophy to your teaching?

My signature class is Yoga Sculpt - a yoga-fitness workout fusing HIIT, weight training and yoga flows. As a trainer, I have a no-nonsense; no-excuses attitude. I am certain that it is possible to look and feel great, regardless of age, and despite the time constraints and demands of modern parenting and womanhood. I am passionate about health and fitness, believing that exercise and movement have immeasurable benefits on every aspect of life and through my teachings, I wish to inspire women to become the best version of themselves. On the other end of the spectrum, I guide students through restorative sessions, focusing on absolute relaxation. I encourage students to completely disconnect their mind from the outside world in order to find inner peace and calm – to totally re-set, re-charge and replenish from the inside out. Taking time for yourself is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and should be prioritised.  I want my students to feel nourished inside and out.

What does the future hold for your studio?

We aspire to become a hub not just for inspirational yoga and pioneering new yoga-fitness fusion, but also for wellness in general. We plan on offering specialist classes for pregnant women, athletes and also for teens, utilising Erin's psychology background and experience to pass on the transformative potential of yoga, movement and exercise on mental health amongst the Gen-Z population. We hope to establish working relationships with local providers - healers and wellness specialists, dancers and artists, therapists and teachers of all disciplines - those who share our vision of empowering others by providing a supportive environment in which to prioritise overall well-being.

Are there any upcoming events and/or workshops at Nourish Yoga?

There's a lot in the pipeline, owing to the flexibility of our studio space and our goal to be offer diverse and fun experiences within an over-arching theme of health and well-being - Egyptian Dance workshops (April, May June), Spring Equinox Yoga and Journalling (March) , Ice Baths and Wim Hof breathing (when it's warm!) to name a few. 

About Nourish Yoga Studio:

Nourish Yoga presents an exciting introductory deal: for just £30, new students can attend unlimited classes over 2 weeks! Dive in to explore their offerings and find the practice that sparks your passion for yoga.

Find Nourish Yoga at and follow them here. Visit at Unit 7 The Quay, Coal Orchard, Taunton TA1 1FB United Kingdom.

Nourish Yoga is fully equipped with PROlite® yoga mats, yogitoes® towels, recycled foam blocksUnfoLD yoga strap, enlight™ round yoga bolsters and recycled wool blankets.

For exclusive Manduka Studio Equipment offers, visit our program here.

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