Inspiring the Practice. Inspired by Fatherhood.

Inspiring the Practice. Inspired by Fatherhood.

In honor of Father's Day, we invite you to meet some Daddy-o-gis who reflect on the crossroads between the practice of fatherhood and yoga...on and off the mat.

Brandon Flows and his children


"Fatherhood is the greatest joy in my life. Don't get me wrong. It's also the most challenging, trying and difficult thing to do. Much like the yoga poses I love to teach it shows me that there is much more joy found in the effort put into being present than doing things perfectly. I'm forever grateful to my wife and children for teaching me that."

Matt Othert and his children
Matt Othert and his children


"Fatherhood has meant the world to me. I realize how my boys are little sponges and they imitate what they see us do. So being a Dad has made me more mindful in everything that I do. I try to be fully present when I am with them, just like in a yoga setting. Since I am their guide through life at this point, I do my best to stay calm and peaceful and give them a feeling of safety as we move through the days together. Treating everyone we come in contact with, with kindness and love. Just like in yoga, the things we do on a regular basis add up and create who we are. Therefore, I find myself teaching my students the same way I teach my children, to breathe, stay present, move mindfully, be kind to yourself and others and smile. Yoga, like life, is a wonderful journey, stay present, love others and be mindful in everything you do."

Tamal and his son


"Fatherhood can be filled with hiccups and mistakes. By no means is it an easy role in life. I find that with raising children you are growing up in the process as well. You start to see your children as more than your kids but as spirit/souls that God put into your care to help foster a greater good within them and yourself. To care for more than just their physical needs but their deep spiritual well-being. Of course making sure they have plenty of food, education and all their basic needs are imperative. But to not overlook the profound happiness that can be found in connecting with God. This is what makes fatherhood so special for me."

Vytas and his son


"Rediscovering the world through the eyes of my son has been the greatest gift of being his dad. Children are profound teachers of life. for me, parenting is learning how and when to listen to those teachings."

Mychal and his son


"I was 18 years old the first time that I walked into a yoga studio, Yoga Soup, in Santa Barbara, CA. The man who has always shown me how to 'be a man,' was the same person who encouraged me and brought me to the studio with him that winter after my last season of high school football. That unique man is my father. That man has been my biggest fan since I could remember. Here we are, 15 years later, same-same but different. A bit older, a bit wiser. My father has inspired me as a teacher to show up, with my uniqueness, boldly, and authentically. Receptive, supportive, and encouraging to all. He was always my favorite coach. Thank you for always pushing me to strive for greatness, I love you dad. Happy Father's Day!"

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