Living & Practicing with the Moon Cycles

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Practicing with the moon cycles

 A note to women, and men

By Lina Bou

We have four weeks in a month, especially for women the difference noticed in those weeks and can be compared to the four seasons in a month. The more we can tune into those cycles and understand them, the better we can live and practice with them - not against them.

Ladies (and all men out there!), the moon power is nothing you want to shut down or miss out on, it carries more magic than you might know about.


Swedish & Spanish native, based in South West of France, Lina Bou is a holistic naturopath &  yoga retreat chef and author.
Since over a decade she helps people around the world online, at home in Pays Basque or travels to her clients for consultations, workshops and events.

Meeting many women in all ages and origins Lina is assured that knowing ones cycles is important for the woman (and for couple). Bringing the cycles to daily life and yoga practice can be life changing. She is going to tell us more about it. 


The moon runs in a speed of 1.022 km/s and with its gravitational force moving the earths oceans. The way stars and the moon are aligned to earth when we are born influences each human beings inner lakes, mountains and rivers. Sapiens, you and I are a part of nature and its alchemical forces.

Listening to your body and mind, and also planning accordingly to cycles does not only help you achieve your goals better. Living and practicing with them consciously, is gifting you with your own potent energy source.
I invite women to experiment, but also men to notice women cycles 
and connect to their own.

I’ve divided the ‘four moons’ into categories, comparing them to different elements and seasons that could correspond to the energy.
Each woman has her own moon cycle, and depending how it looks she can adjust and identify her own moon-needs, because as the moon – it is not fixed forever. 
A great way to get to know it: is to write down cycles in a calendar.
Note that this is my own experience, and inspired from other women’s. With this article I want to inspire and put attention to it so that you can have your own experience and word on it.

New Moon

New moon
day 1-6

A new cycle, a new place to grow new ideas. Space for creation, rest an introvert time to meditate and enjoy self-time. New moon can be compared as the low tide, nighttime, yin, winter and the menstruation period. 

This time is precious, and you seem to be extra sensitive. Make sure to leave some space in the calendar and taking smooth practices into your routines and siestas. If you have a very active yoga practice, I invite you to try YIN yoga, this week  - the days corresponding to your menstrual period, to rest as much as possible to rejuvenate the energy for the coming face is important. Allow yourself to be lazy, because pushing too hard here will much likely get you disappointed and leaving yourself feeling more tired and judgmental.

This time is here for us to listen to it, and recharge our batteries so we can be on top again afterwards. Often time if you don’t get enough rest here, you can feel weak, less concentrated or lazier the coming weeks.

For men: not a great idea to plan an extreme adventure on this week for your partner, and please don’t wake her up when she’s sleeping in or having a nap – it might cost you a lot afterwards

Third Quarter Moon

Third Quarter
day 6-14

You’re off the mat bumping, your energy is raising and you come out from the hibernation like a spring day. It is time to catch up on what you ‘missed’, the meetings you canceled and the exercise you cut out.  A time that is good for getting things done, and when you get an idea – do it.

This time as you’ve had your rest and you feel more confidence in yourself, chances are high that the things you do are also going to have great response – just be a bit careful with too much of a “pushy” mood here as you can be literally too excited. It is good to work on your own projects, and do things you feel inspired by, plan and organise things that demand concentration and memory skills. 

Men out there; now is the time for that adventure weekend that you wanted to do. But watch out, she might be more energised than you here.

Full Moon

Full moon
day 14-21

Full moon – full on, compare it to high tide, day light, yang, summer and your ovulation. Traditionally a time to gather with community, release unwanted energies and honour what we have created since the new moon.

This time is the perfect time to move, dance, exercise, being out, seeing people and be social. We are in a ‘extrovert’ phase and we seem to be extra sharp in our minds and have a great memory. Great time to do and improve your ashtanga practice, and adding some new props to your hot vinyasa class and be extra active.

For couple; cooking a healthy meal together, taking a nice romantic weekend in nature or doing other fun outdoor activities could be something to release unnecessary tensions and get grounded during full moon.

First Quarter Moon

First Quarter
day 21-30

The light goes down, like the autumn. After being expressive, out and moving we slowly go down into rest and we become more introvert. Our energy focuses more on the inside, the invincible and it is a great time to be creative. Good times to stick to a routine but don’t add new things or make more extra efforts in your practice or in life. The energy is great to channel in your creative bubble, because you are more introvert and you are more intuitively connected and sensitive, which helps you to meditate and create.

This face is often the hardest one for women, because of pre-menstrual syndromes happens here. Some live this week really hard and it affects work and life. Allow you to spend more time with yourself this week and be kind. Emotion wise, criticism is nothing easy, because you are feeling everything with your heart self-judgment and tears are more prone to come. Getting a lot of sleep, using the energy and emotions to create are great to do here. Clean your home, your practice space and make a nice environment that feels inviting and make you feel at home in a peaceful place is super important. Add extra long shavasanas and nature walks.

For partners: this week is extra good to spend quietly, giving foot massages, listen and spray love and compliments on your woman.


I hope this article has given you some great inspiration and reflections in you, and that you feel inspired to live in tune with the moon cycle. I would love to hear about your experiences, don’t hesitate to send a comment or connect.

Be kind to yourself, Lina Bou.


To know more about Lina and her holistic naturopathy practice, connect via her website: where she also has some online offerings you should check out. Become friends with her on social media: @_linabou 

Lina Bou

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