What to Eat Before and After Yoga

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What to Eat Before and After Yoga

As the holidays approach, it’s easy for our usual yoga routines to get hijacked. Between traveling to visit family, parties with friends and the search for the perfect gift (we’ve got a few ideas here), making time to practice is not just a luxury – it’s a necessity. Whether it’s at your local studio or online, yoga allows us to take some much-deserved time to ourselves, as well as reflect to appreciate the amazing people, places and things in our lives...including food.

There IS a way to enjoy both, although eating a heaping plate of pasta 10 minutes before your flow is not something we’d recommend (but neither is starving yourself only to feel dizzy while upside down).

When it comes to deciding what to eat before and after yoga, the best thing to do is strike a happy balance. We’ve broken things down below, so you can feel light and festive for your next flow:


What to eat: 2-3 hours before class


The combo of carbs (oats) and protein (nuts) makes the perfect pre-yoga breakfast duo, helping to provide long-lasting, sustainable energy to power you through all those chaturangas. Added strawberries optional!


With a superdose of potassium and a great source of anti-oxidants, avocados pair perfectly with a slice of low-glycemic index whole grain bread (and any other veggie toppings you like). You’ll feel satisfied and energized for hours.


What to eat: 30 minutes–1 hour before class


Keep it simple! Packed full of potassium and natural sugars, indulging in a banana pre-yoga can help gently lift energy levels while keeping the body hydrated.


A small green smoothie is a great way to boost energy levels, but remember to strike the 2/3 balance when it comes to packing in leafy greens to ensure healthy blood sugar levels. Adding in half an avocado can also add a nice dose of healthy fats to slow down sugar absorption.


Yep, that’s right – we support chocolate pre-yoga! But not the sugar-packed processed kind…We’re talking about the real deal. Dark chocolate is packed full of energy-filled magnesium and helps increase blood flow to the brain.


What to eat: Post-yoga

It’s best to hold off from eating any big meals at least 30 minutes after finishing your class. Certain yoga postures work on the digestive tract so eating heavy foods straight afterwards can sometimes cause some discomfort. After that, however, the world (or fridge) is all yours! And don’t forget to drink plenty of water to replenish any lost liquids!

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