Yoga For Runners

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Yoga For Runners

Hamstring tightness and soreness is probably the number one complaint heard in yoga classes. Our hamstrings make up three different muscle groups, which collectively are responsible for the flexing of knee and lifting of foot each time we run or jog. When we overuse or aggravate these muscles, their response is to tense up and contract. And there’s no mistaking the fiery wrath of an over-worked hamstring!

Why is yoga good for tight hamstrings?

Yoga and running complement each other perfectly, helping to fill the gaps where the other lacks. Practicing just a handful of specific postures before and/or after a long running session can help to stretch and gently lengthen the hamstring muscles, as well as release any built-up tension in the body.

Runners, rejoice! This 20 minute stretching flow was made with you in mind.

Watch here or click below!

Manduka yoga for Runners Class

To go deeper, here are our top 3 yoga poses to help you stretch hamstrings from every angle:


Basic hamstring stretch to lengthen and release tension.

PROtip: If you start to feel any pain, back off by gently bending the knees. The aim is to feel a stretch without any discomfort or strain.


Inner hamstring stretch to also lengthen spine.

PROtip: Rest hands on floor and lift kneecaps to activate quadriceps. Increased activation will deepen hamstring stretch.


Outer hamstring stretch to work leg balance and strength.

PROtip: Extra tight hamstrings will benefit from the use of blocks (like these!) to support hands if they don’t reach the floor.

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Sharing good vibes + the best mats, apparel and yoga gear since 1997. #inspirethepractice

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