5 Easy Ways To Help Your Local Yoga Studio

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5 Easy Ways To Help Your Local Yoga Studio

Your favorite yoga studio is likely the space you’ve utilised as a place of refuge from the day to day grind. Whether it be for a fast-paced flow class with the intention to destress from work or a community workshop to improve mindfulness, your teachers and studios have been there to brighten your day and support your journey of self-betterment. At this uncertain time that is coronavirus, yoga studios (like many other small businesses) are struggling. Below, we’ve outlined some simple steps you can take to give back to those who have worked so hard everyday to give all they have to you.


  • Buy A Gift Card

    Purchasing a gift card will help your studio to keep some cash coming in. Even a small amount, like $25 or the cost of a class gives their business a much needed boost. Save it to use later, when things return to normal or give it to a friend as a gift for double karma points!


  • Participate In Online Classes

    Many studios are offering discounted rates for their online or live streamed classes. It’s the perfect way to keep yourself moving and help your studio generate some revenue in these uncertain times.


  • Shop Studio “Merch”

    We’re big fans of shopping local — even if it means from your favorite studio's online store. Many studios carry mats, props, t-shirts, candles and other cool knick knacks you never even knew you needed!


  • Don’t Cancel Your Membership

    We repeat DON’T cancel or pause your membership. Unless your studio has opted to pause it for you, we recommend holding out if you have the means to do so. Many studios are already offering online-based class schedules for their members. If your studio hasn’t announced anything yet, reach out and ask if they plan to. A little message of encouragement and support won’t hurt either. 

  • And let’s not forget, Yoga means to “yoke together” or unite. We’re all in this together at the end of the day. Stay tuned for more ways to support your local studios, ideas to keep you moving and tips to set up your own home practice space.

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