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"Every breath is the opportunity to start something new" - Anne Spinner

Join us LIVE as Anne leads a guided Yoga Nidra practice to bring you back to your breath, and find an opportunity to see from a new perspective.


I always considered each of my yoga classes to be a piece of art. Creating a sequence that opens the body in just the way it needs to in order to get into a peak pose. Using music in a way that takes you deeper inside yourself. Witnessing people drop in and open up. It is all art to me.

My yoga isn't just the practice that happens on the mat. Honestly it's what happens off the mat that is most important. The work I do on my mat has a direct impact in how I feel, how productive I am, and what my level of creativity is. It affects my energy, my ability to focus, and my interactions with others. It truly is important to keep the steady balance in my life. What I do off the mat sparks a immense amount of joy in my life. Ever since I was young I have loved art. From a young age my mom taught me how to make jewelry. She would take me to the bead store and I picked out my favorite beads to make into earring, and necklaces. I also have loved collecting found objects, during my travels. Whether it be sticks, rocks, shells they are all treasures to me. I remember my first stash of gemstones. I got them at a store where you got to pick from different pails of stones, and fill up a small bag. I got a little bag to carry them in that I wore around my neck, I still have it. These two passions eventually merged together into making malas and intention bracelets for my students.

Intention Bracelet

Every year I travel to gem shows with my mom. I hunt for the perfect stones, and a lot of time I am able to buy from the person who either found the stones or did the lapidary to transform the gems that I use for my malas. I really love the magic that each different gemstone holds. I am continuing my love for this meditative work. My meditation is in the process of stringing each bead one by one. A couple of years ago I decided to brand my artwork and SolTerra Creations was officially born.

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Sharing good vibes + the best mats, apparel and yoga gear since 1997. #inspirethepractice