World Meditation Day: Women's Wellbeing

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World Meditation Day: Women's Wellbeing

Recent events have added a huge amount of pressure on women globally. Now is the time to start regaining confidence and feel empowered again.

In celebration of World Meditation Day - 21/05/2021, Silatha is organising a Women’s Wellbeing & The Pandemic Live Talk with wellbeing experts and Manduka ambassador to learn about:

● How and why the pandemic has hit women harder than men

● Struggles women had to face during this time: levels of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, insomnia etc

● What coping mechanisms women have developed to juggle work & home

● The aftermath of the pandemic and how to grow stronger

To sign up, please click here

World Meditation Day Panel Silatha

Multiple research shows that women’s wellbeing has been hit hardest since the start of the pandemic. Job loss, furlough, extra household work, childcare, homeschooling, domestic challenges have all added an enormous pressure on women globally over the past year.

The study by CARE International found that 27% of women reported an increase in challenges associated with mental illness (compared to 10% of men). Women have particularly struggled with increased unpaid care burdens as a source of this stress, in addition to worries about livelihoods, food, and health care.

As a result, a lot of women feel drained, exhausted, anxious and not in control. They have been exposed to a prolonged period of stress, more than ever before.

Now is the time for women to start regaining confidence, sense of inner calm and feeling empowered again.

And what could be a better way to achieve long-lasting inner peace than meditation?

We want to support women and help them move forward with more strength and self-compassion, and so we encourage you all to join a 2-week meditation challenge as a way to regain your inner balance.

We will kick off this challenge on World Meditation Day, 21 May, via the Silatha meditation app designed especially for women. Join our inspiring live talk on this vital subject and start the meditation challenge along with thousands of other women.

Join and see for yourself what 2 weeks of 2-3 minutes of daily meditation practice can do for your mind and body.

Find out the details here:

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