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After over a year spent in lockdown, countless hours on ​Zoom ​and an inordinate amount of baked goods consumed, several countries are now beginning to ease restrictions. Shop doors are opening to the public, restaurants are hosting hungry guests and yes, yoga studios are once again about to welcome in avid yogis eager to practice in-person.

Of course, we cannot expect an immediate return to pre-virus conditions. Studios will be implementing safety measures and social distancing in order to protect the health of both staff and students.

This begs the question, what will yoga classes look like? What measures will need to be taken to ensure the safety of studios?

Yoga Alliance Professionals suggests how yoga teachers and students can prepare for the re-opening of yoga studios. We hope these ideas may be of service to you as you move forward:

Yoga Teachers

As social distancing measures ease-off and businesses begin to reopen, yoga professionals will need to consider how they can reopen their studios and classes while ensuring the safety of everyone involved:

    1. Make clear your businesses policy regarding face masks and social distancing by sending updated protocols to all of your students in advance.

    2. Have a condensed schedule of weekly classes with sufficient time and resources reserved for deep cleaning before and after each class.

    3. Require class reservations and implement touchless check-in.

    4. Arrive ready and dress for class.

    5. Capped participant numbers according to social distancing requirements and your available space.

    6. Utilise outdoor spaces.

    7. Instruct students to bring their own yoga mats and props. If you are lending mats make sure these are closed cell to allow thorough cleaning.

    8. Continue online classes during the transition period.

Manduka Yoga Studio

The following outlines some of the areas you may wish to consider:

Cleaning Schedule

  • Pre-identify “high touch points” like handles, credit card readers, doors, etc. and implement a plan for regular disinfectant or elimination of the touchpoint (like leaving certain doors open or encouraging/requiring class and retail pre-payment online).

  • Cleaning checklist should be monitored and updated regularly.

  • All spaces, equipment, surfaces, floors and furniture should be cleaned thoroughly before each class.

  • Students should be required to clean their personal mats and equipment before entering the studio. See here for how to clean your yoga equipment.

The Reception

  • Sanitiser should be readily available or, failing this, studio owners should post clear signs directing clients to the nearest hand washing basin.

  • Reception staff should be offered protection in the form of effective PPE or reception screen.

  • Clear social distancing guidelines should be in place for students entering the studio.

  • Studios should implement a system for managing queues into the studio.

  • Classes must be paid for either in advance or via contactless payment.

Studio Layout

  • Each room must be thoroughly cleaned before each class. Frequently touched areas will need special attention.

  • Yoga mats to be positioned 2 metres apart from each other.

  • Mark with tape social distance perimeters around each mat space in the studio so all students have sufficient space.

  • Students should be encouraged to bring their own mats or a mat topper, yoga towel and props where possible.

  • If students are using mats owned by the studio, these mats should be closed cell, to allow thorough cleaning. Natural disinfectant should be used to clean at least 20 minutes before the class to allow the mat to dry.

  • To avoid groups forming outside class, studios should instigate a limited time window in which students can arrive at the class.

Student Health

  • Students must declare any pre-existing health condition before entering the studio.

  • The studio must respond to any health condition, and if necessary, advise the student against taking the class.

  • Students are advised to change out of their kit as soon as possible after leaving the studio.

  • Students may be encouraged to wear face masks in the common areas.

  • Teachers should not administer physical adjustments to students, and instead, use verbal queues to help with alignment.

Teacher Health

  • All staff should be made aware of the cleaning regime, additional safety precautions and should agree to follow the studio COVID-19 guidelines.

  • Every member of staff should be asked screening health questions to check whether they are safe to lead the class.

  • It is recommended that teachers change out of their clothing after they leave the studio and between class.

  • Teachers should be aware they must not physically adjust students.

Manduka Yoga Studio

Yoga Practitioners

While many practitioners are eagerly awaiting the reopening of yoga studios, it is understandable that such anticipation should often be accompanied by a concern for re-entering public spaces. In order to assuage that fear and get back to enjoying in-person practice, it is crucial students follow the guidelines laid out by the studio, and even take additional precautions to feel more comfortable in the classroom. Here are some tips on returning to life after lockdown:

  1. Check the studio’s channels for new health and safety regulations, social distancing measures and rules for students entering the studio.

  2. Follow all studio regulations, social distancing measures and policies when signing up for and attending a class.

  3. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after the class, and clean your yoga-wear after one use.

  4. Respect each others space. Avoid getting too close to the reception desk, teachers or other students.

  5. Bring your own yoga mat or a thin mat topper, your yoga towel and props to each class. Clean your mat before and after each class thoroughly. See here for directions on how to clean your yoga equipment.

  6. As class sizes will be limited, ensure to book in advance.

  7. Arrive fully dressed for class and limit use of studio facilities.

  8. Show up on time, not before time or after time.

We here at Manduka are yogis, not medical professionals, and request that you adhere to local restrictions and health codes in all reopening plans. These recommendations are based on guidance from leading public health organisations, government advice and Yoga Alliance Professional’s knowledge of the operation of yoga businesses. Given the unprecedented nature and uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, the information provided here may be subject to change.

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Sharing good vibes + the best mats, apparel and yoga gear since 1997. #inspirethepractice

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