Yoga With Mum

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Yoga With Mum

By Irene Alda @livinglavidayoga

Mother's day is right around the corner. Whether this is a day that you feel like celebrating or not, I propose to you some fun moves to practice with a partner. I kind of tricked my mum into most of these BUT after we were done she told me "can we do some of these exercises each time we see each other?" I guess we can definitely say they are motivating - I hope you find them as fun as we did!

You will find 3 types of exercises: yoga, acroyoga and fitness. Feel free to try them all or go just for one (this is totally up to you). I will ask you to warm up first to make sure your body is ready for practice ;)

I believe that one of the best things that we can gift someone is time - quality time where we enjoy each others' company.

Check out the tutorial video of each series here.


Start off nice and easy with some spine mobility movements, followed by more daring and fun balances.

 Manduka Partner Yoga Irene Alda


The key here is communication, work together and find your balance as a pair. Embrace the smiles and the inevitable tumbles. If you do this at home, try to have someone to spot you to make sure there are no bad falls (and that you have enough space). A great place to try this out is outside, ideally on grass or at the beach. Have fun!

Manduka Acro Yoga Irene Alda 


These moves will get your heart pumping. Try to do between 10-15 reps (per side if applicable). Ready, set, go!

 Manduka Fitness Yoga Irene Alda

Check out the tutorial video of each series here.

Irene and her mum are wearing and practicing with Manduka.

About Irene Alda - Irene is a 500h yoga teacher and physicist from Madrid, Spain. She has been sharing yoga since she was 21. For her, yoga is the connection between body and mind through the breath - where you can tune in with yourself and the world around you. On the mat she aims to work on fluidity, gentleness and slow movements to increase strength and flexibility. Follow her @livinglavidayoga and visit her site



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Sharing good vibes + the best mats, apparel and yoga gear since 1997. #inspirethepractice

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