A Letter From Adriene Mishler

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A Letter From Adriene Mishler

The Story of Yoga With Adriene in her own words...

In 2011 I worked as a nanny Monday through Friday, I taught creative arts for children part time, rehearsed and performed as a professional actor in the evenings, and taught yoga six days a week to people ranging from toddlers to seniors. (Not all at once.)

I taught in schools, gyms, studios, art galleries, warehouses, theaters, museums, private homes. I led yoga in a backyard for a birthday, on the lawn of the local independent grocer, and outside at the local cafe, Casa De Luz. Passionate about yoga, and inspired to share it with as many people as would hear me out, I was posting frequent invitations on Facebook, through email, and with homemade posters, for friends to come on out and try a practice.

In March of 2011 I received email correspondence from a friend and indie film collaborator, Chris Sharpe. We had worked with each other on a super fun, fiercely creative, wild ride of a film that never got finished or saw the proper light of apocalyptic day. We were both interested in silent film, both born in September, and both passionate about storytelling. We got along and respected one another since day one of meeting, which was through a virtual audition (ahead of our time) for the aforementioned indie feature, The Spider Babies. Both eager to achieve and unlock the dream of working and living as full time professional artists, he wrote to me. He included a friendly update on life, as well as a fortuitous (and super secret) proposal for a project.

In September in 2012, Chris and I uploaded this video to a platform I had heard of called YouTube, welcoming whoever would listen to join me for practice. Spoiler alert, not many did. Or at least not right away. But little by little, with a consistent single video offering each week, we delighted in the things we were learning, and the indelible surprise (at least to me) at the eventual growth.

People were tuning in to participate, to connect, to listen, and feel seen.


A home practice is hard. It’s uncomfortable. It is at times excruciatingly personal. You can stop it, call it quits, cheat on your breath, cheat on yourself, anytime, no problem, super easy, just hit it - turn off and move on.

A home practice is private too. But without the expensive trainer or guru looking down on you. It’s strange, it’s weird, and precarious at times.

But it’s also deep, it’s precious, it’s an emptiness that you and only you can choose how to fill. A structure for you to find wholeness. A practice for living your life.

In union.

Home practice invites you to unite with what matters most. To celebrate your body, your breath, to not cheat or sell yourself short.

It allows you to ask, “Who am I when no one is watching?”

I love it. And I love you, if you are reading this. For practicing. For showing up for yourself and the world.

That is why I am still here.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Yoga With Adriene, we take a moment to honor how far we have come, how wide a community can stretch, and how inevitably we are all connected.

In honor of this special moment in time, it is with the utmost excitement and humility that I shout from the rooftops sweet news about a destined collaboration come to fruition, at last, at last.

Working with Manduka was always in the cards, my gut told me so. But this partnership has been THE dream. Working in tandem, listening and honoring what is. I can truly say we took the practice off the mat and into the development of this offering. I publicly thank the Manduka team, especially James Appleby GM of EMEA & VP of Product at Manduka for such a professional and thoughtful approach and shepherding of this collaboration.

Especially for seeing me and our community. For listening to my desire for
at-home minimalist pieces and making my dream of recreating the hand poured two-tone Balance mat, which will absolutely remain in my home for the rest of my life.

The Manduka with Adriene collection feels like home. It is a celebration of the power of an at-home practice and community. I tribute it to everyone and anyone who has ever dropped to their knees at home to find balance, connect to their breath, and come back to a loving awareness with themselves.

It has been my great honor and privilege of my life to be in this community, and share practice with so many people. (And pets.)

The mat has your back. I do as well.

If we have ever practiced together, once or 100 times, thank you for sharing your practice with me. If not, maybe this is your invitation to join the celebration and share a free practice with us!

On the mat, around the table, let us gather.
From this coast, to that one, and far reaching over there,
Let us feel ourselves and all deep pulls.
Let us feel supported to follow.
Find it.
From that spot, to this one, curious
And more,
So far it never ends,
It just unfolds,
Let’s keep going.

Happy ten years!



PS: CELEBRATE all month with us! Get your free Yoga With Adriene calendar & playlist here!

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Sharing good vibes + the best mats, apparel and yoga gear since 1997. #inspirethepractice

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