Behind the Design: SS24

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Behind the Design: SS24

The sky is light a little bit longer, and children and birds quiet down a little bit later. The days are slowly lengthening, and Spring is on her way.

This expansion of the light until its peak mid-summer and the growth inherent in these seasons is the inspiration for our spring and summer collections.

As Spring emerges from the grounded dark of winter, colors brighten.

A row of four circles in light green, green, dark green, and dark blue

Green begins to appear everywhere we look.

Affirming what we know but can still doubt on the most barren and cold of days, that growth has been happening all along.

Our PRO®, PROlite®, eKO®, and eKO Superlite® mats and the accompanying yogitoes® towels arrive this season in a palette expressing fresh, potent vitality.

PRO® and eKO® series yoga mats displayed outside in a grassy yard
yogitoes® towel laid on top of PRO® mat with its corner lifted

The PRO and eKO mats show up in a gradient of greens—tones that range from the deep dark, almost-black of a still-quiet earth to a green as light and clear as new leaves. The PRO, as always, offers a lush cushion and inimitable grip, and the eKO brings versatility and its signature bounce. And, as always, we have the PROlite and eKO Superlite for more on-the-go versions of these longtime favorites.

eKO - Matcha Marble Yoga Mat eKO - Matcha Marble
PRO - Spring Buds LE Yoga Mat PRO - Spring Buds LE
eKO - Spring Buds Yoga Mat eKO - Spring Buds
PROlite - Eden Yoga Mat PROlite - Eden

In this collection, however, we bring a design to these mats meant to honor the potency in times of transition. We believe that in stepping onto one of our seasonal collection mats, you will be reminded, each and every time, of how powerful it is not to know what's coming next. To be not only willing but eager to be in the liminal space between what has been and what's to come.

Heidi Lister Hevesy standing at a table and painting using water colors

For those of you who like an extra layer for sweat or softness on your mat, the yogitoes towels in this collection are true works of art.

Multi-color yoga mat Journey
Multi-color yoga mat Aura
Black yoga mat with white accented design Eden

Hand-painted by watercolor artist Heidi Lister Hevesy, they call you into the mystery of life unfolding while ensuring neither you nor the towel slips at all, thanks to the famous silicone nubs on the bottom.

The Journey towel harnesses the relationship of earth and sun working together in its layered complexity. Eden and Aura touch into the subtle magic that happens in the plant world—but absolutely applicable to our lives as humans!—in those moments that energy is changing from one state to the next.

We want the project to be completed, we want to get to our travel destination, we want to be who it is we know we can become. This seasonal collection is intended as both a reminder and an invitation: an invitation to bring deep presence and trust to exactly where you are and a reminder of how much life pulses through the moments when we are suspended between the last hour of darkness and the first ray of light.

Spring Bud is here to support you in fully experiencing your body and breath every transition. To go all in with the mystery, to let go of needing to script exactly what's coming, to feel the play of pause and forward movement coursing through you in this exact moment of your precious life.

Group of hands interlocked and
Group of 4 yoga practitioners smiling

Our story moves from the tender awakening of Spring to the lavish bounty of Summer. Whatever season you're in, or whatever season inspires you, and whatever kind of mat you love to practice on, we made one of these for you.

You are your template, and we can't wait to welcome you to a space to explore the next chapter of your story.

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Sharing good vibes + the best mats, apparel and yoga gear since 1997. #inspirethepractice

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