Exploring Amethyst With Lara Estrada

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Exploring Amethyst With Lara Estrada

Being on set with Manduka for the Unearth the Vibrations campaign was such an honor, and also so much fun! It felt very grounding to be in the expansive desert of Joshua Tree. The rock formations were surreal to see, and I felt lucky to stargaze upon clear skies in the evenings. I even saw a shooting star! I live in LA, so I find it refreshing to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of big city life, and retreat to big open spaces in nature. One more special treat was being able to reconnect with my yoga teacher friend, Anne Spinner, who I hadn't seen in years.

Manduka Behind the Scenes

I've always felt connected to amethyst because it's my birthstone. I have a beautiful raw amethyst stone on my altar, which I often use during meditation. I brought it with me when I moved to LA. I quietly took it from my parents' house, and it took a while for my Mom to notice… When she finally did, she was happy to let it be a gift and reminder of home.

Amethyst is believed to help awaken intuition, as well as help bring peace and calm. As a Pisces and someone who is eternally curious about the spiritual world that exists beyond the physical, I work on deepening my own intuition through meditation and mindful movement.

Manduka Amethyst

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One breath technique that helps me quickly get to a meditative state is sama vritti pranayama, which means “even wave” and is also known as box breathing. In this breath pattern, the four parts of the breath (inhale, pause at the top of the breath, exhale, pause at the bottom of the breath) are all extended for equal amounts of time. This slow and mindful breath brings forth peace and calm.

I believe practicing stillness and mediation is the key to heightening intuition. It's so powerful to learn to trust the wisdom of your own inner knowing.

An unassuming dusty rock — when cracked open, may hold a precious, crystalline beauty that's been quietly forming for many years. That's the magic of crystals and precious stones as they are unearthed. We all have that unique sparkle inside of us, simply waiting to be discovered.

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The Sounds of Amethyst intuition • unity • peace

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