New Product: Meet Manduka Yoga Grip

New Product: Meet Manduka Yoga Grip

What Is Manduka Yoga Grip?

A unique evaporating gel that creates a moisture barrier between your skin and your yoga mat.

When you apply our Yoga Grip, a microscopic layer of silica creates a temporary grippy texture that prevents moisture from your skin from reaching the surface of your mat, reducing slip.

Manduka Yoga Grip supports you while you develop your own natural grip through practice.

For use on any closed-cell mat, including Manduka PRO series, eKO series, and Foundation series.


How To Use Manduka Yoga Grip

  1. Shake well before use.

  2. Pull cap upward to pop open (do not unscrew cap).

  3. Squeeze a small drop into the palm of hand. It is recommended to begin with ½ inch or 1-cm diameter.

  4. Apply across palm and fingers. Apply to feet if desired.

  5. Rub hands together and let dry. It is normal for a powdery white coating (film) to appear where applied. This film can be easily wiped away with a towel; grip effectiveness will still be maintained. It will not harm clothing or yoga equipment and washes off with soap and water.

  6. Close pop-up cap securely for airtight seal.

  7. Once hands and/or feet are dry, begin your practice.

  8. Re-apply if necessary.

  9. To remove, thoroughly wash hands and/or feet with soap and water or hand sanitizer.


Who needs Manduka Yoga Grip?

  • Manduka Yoga Grip is a grip enhancer to support yogis needing extra grip

When do you need extra grip?

  • You might need extra grip if you’re new to yoga and/or slipping on your mat.
  • If you’re looking to eliminate moisture or sweat on your hands or feet, causing slippage

Can I use Manduka Yoga Grip on all yoga mats?

  • We recommend Manduka Yoga Grip for all closed-cell mats (PRO, eKO, Manduka X and Begin). This is for all mat materials except open-cell (GRP) or Polyurethane (PU) mats. Manduka Yoga Grip can permanently mark or stain these mats and is not recommended. Also, these mats are absorbent and naturally grippy. If these mats become wet due to excess water or sweat, Manduka Yoga Grip will rub away.

Can I use Manduka Yoga Grip on towels?

  • We do not recommend using Manduka Yoga Grip on towels as towel are absorbent and naturally help improve grip. Yoga Grip solution may also tend to transfer to towels.

How do I remove the powdery white coating on my hands/feet?

  • This film can be easily wiped away with a towel and grip will still be maintained. To remove completely, wash hands/feet with soap and water. Repeat if necessary.

How do I remove the powdery white coating if it gets on clothing?

  • Rinse with water to remove. If there is any residue of the silica remaining on clothing, it washes completely off in the washing machine.

How do I remove the powdery white coating if it gets on yoga mat?

  • Rinse with water to remove.

What if my cap does not open easily?

  • If your cap won’t open easily, it may be clogged with Yoga Grip solution that has dried and created a residue preventing cap from opening easily. This can happen overtime and be reduced in future by closing cap tightly and immediately after each use. This issue may be resolved by unscrewing the cap, turning cap upside down, and running hot water through cap (hot water with pressure works best). Shaking bottle well before use will also help to prevent this issue.

What is included in the Citrus Fragrance?

  • The Citrus Fragrance is composed of the following: Sweet Orange Peel Oil; Grapeseed Oil; Mandarin Orange Oil; Orange Oil Terpenes. The blend is Non-GMO; Not animal derived; and conforms to Prop 65.

Do I need to use a towel or hand towel if I use Manduka Yoga Grip?

  • No, if you use Manduka Yoga Grip you do not also need a towel. Both are different options which provide grip when sweat is produced on hands and feet.

Manduka Yoga Grip

For more information about how to improve grip, read our guide to less slip in yoga to understand its causes and to solve it.

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