Ocean Asana by Barbara and Daniel

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Ocean Asana by Barbara and Daniel

To celebrate our exclusive collection with the legendary Gerry Lopez, Manduka Europe has partnered with two incredibly inspiring surfer yogis, Barbara Peisl and Daniel Lavilla.

United by the synergy of yoga and surfing, Barbara and Daniel illustrate the captivating balance of connection and flow. We invite you to listen to their heartfelt words in the inspiring video below they created specially for the Manduka community.

Barbara Peisl, bringing a tranquil yet powerful presence to her yoga practice and brain-based yoga teaching style, blends her love for the ocean with her passion for yoga. Her journey from the waves to the mat details the transformative power of these practices. Daniel Lavilla, with his energetic and grounded approach, brings a unique perspective that highlights the discipline and mindfulness required in both fields. His story is one of dedication, showcasing how the principles of yoga can enhance performance and harmony in surfing.

Discover more about Barbara & Daniel's journeys through their Yoga Teacher Spotlights on the Manduka Blog. Their stories are filled with inspiration, challenges, and triumphs, and share valuable lessons on how they integrate yoga and surfing into their lifestyle:

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Sharing good vibes + the best mats, apparel and yoga gear since 1997.

Sharing good vibes + the best mats, apparel and yoga gear since 1997. #inspirethepractice

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